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Steffen Jung

The brain of a mouse with an MS-like disease reveals clusters of microglia (green) and T cells (red)

Focusing on the ups and downs of multiple sclerosis, Weizmann Institute researchers discover a major player in its remission

Characterization of macrophages (green) and axons (red) in brown adipose tissue (BAT) using two-photon fluorescence microscopy imaging

New research shows these immune cells are also crucial to maintaining harmony, including that of heat-producing fat cells

Macrophages in the brain shown in green

Voracious immune cells turn out to be uniquely adaptable to their surroundings

Wild type megakaryocyte

Tiny bits of RNA are found to play a crucial role in blood cell maturation

Microglia cells, obtained using a mouse model developed by Prof. Stephen Jung’s team

A new kind of genetic switch can target the activities of just one type of brain cell

Live two-photon microscopy of the small intestine

How does the immune system in the gut distinguish between helpful microbes and those that wish us harm?



A Question of Upbringing

“Bad education” may be at least partly responsible for chronic digestive tract disease