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Yechiel Shai

 The first electron microscope (Saul, RCA – EMU - 2A). (l-r) John Fany, Prof. David Danon and Dr. Yehuda Marikovsky, 1956

The story of the first electron microscope at the Institute

HIV and cell membrane. Image:ThinkStock

The molecule that helps HIV invade immune cells might, in the future, help prevent autoimmune attacks

Prof. Yechiel Shai

Prof. Yechiel Shai has been elected to the International Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Fudan University,...

Prof. Daniella Goldfarb

Prof. Daniella Goldfarb: "My dream is to develop EPR methods that can reveal enzymatic activities occurring in short (...

Electron microscope images of a yeast (Candida albicans) (top) and bacterial (Staphylococcus aureus) (bottom) cell, before (l) and after (r) treatment with synthetic lipopeptides, which damage their cell membranes

Combining natural protein fragments could help defeat antibiotic resistant pathogens

Joining Forces
The 'resistance movement' founded by bacteria to combat antibiotics may be losing ground. By combining key properties of two...
Illusteration: HIV at the cell membrane
Lessons from HIV may help to treat the immune system
How HIV Disables the Cells' Call for Help
Weizmann Institute Scientists discover how an HIV protein fragment shuts down an immune response. Their finding may have...
New 'Bacteria Bashers' Wipe Out Infection
It used to be that antibiotics could be trusted to rid the body of a host of bacterial diseases. Today, however, emerging...