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Ziv Shulman

Cell feast streamed live: TBMs (green) swallow dying B cells (red) inside the lymph node “training camps”

Mysterious macrophages, found to rapidly digest dying B cells, may hold clues to future treatments of autoimmune disorders

Natural anticancer antibodies (green) bound to a single ovarian tumor cell; the cell’s nucleus is in blue. Viewed with confocal microscopy

Natural antibodies found in tumors could point the way toward improved immunotherapy 

The inner lining of a mouse gut has finger-like projections (white) and harbors lymphatic organs (red) containing germinal centers (green). Viewed with confocal microscopy

When a second infection follows on the heels of a first, the two arms of our immune system may clash

Travel Ban on Immune Cells Could Prevent Sepsis

Lactate, thought to be a byproduct of cell respiration, plays a central role in the potentially lethal immune reaction 

Dr. Ziv Shulman

Dr. Ziv Shulman is the recipient of the Morris L. Levinson Prize in Biology

Dr. Ziv Shulman

Dr. Ziv Shulman has been elected as an EMBO Young Investigator

T cell and B cell with ICAMs

How low-affinity antibodies can still win in an immune system competition