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Zvi Livneh

NPM1 interacts with DNA polymerase eta and regulates polymerase eta-promoted TLS. Assay of polymerase eta and NPM1 in unirradiated (l) and ultraviolet irradiated cells ((c) after one hour, (r) after 18 hours). Blue: DNA in the nucleus; green: polymerase eta–NPM1 interaction

A mechanism for keeping DNA repair mistakes to a minimum might advance the development of cancer drugs


DNA repair mechanism. Image: Wikimedia Commons

A combined DNA repair score can reveal an individual’s chances of developing lung cancer

Lung cancer. Image: Lange 123 on Wikimedia commons

Activity levels of a second DNA repair mechanism improve prediction of lung cancer risk

It All Depends

"Helper" proteins can make the difference between a disastrous mutation and one that might even be an improvement

Clinging for Dear Life
A rare disease sheds light on back-up DNA repair
Stopgap DNA Repair Needs a Second Step

One can have a dream, two can make that dream so real, goes a popular song. Now a Weizmann Institute study has...

Genetic Risk Factor

Weizmann Institute scientists discover a genetic risk factor for smoking-linked head and neck cancer

(l-r) Sharon Avkin, Leanne Toube, Prof. Zvi Livneh and Dr. Ziv Sevilya. Healthy compromise
A newly discovered molecular security mechanism puts a limit on...