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Zvi Livneh

Weizmann Institute scientists discover: A Molecular Security Mechanism for Keeping Mutations in Check
Everyone knows mutations – genetic mistakes in DNA, the material of heredity – are bad: The more...
Resilience by Improvisation

Cells can "fake the words" when copying DNA if they encounter mistakes in the sequence

Resilience through Improvisation
Our cells are resourceful when it comes to copying DNA, even when the DNA is damaged...
Clockwise from bottom left: Dr. Meir Krupsky, Dalia Elinger, Dr. Edna Schechtman, Dr. Tamar Paz-Elizur, Dr. Sara Blumenstein, and Prof. Zvi Livneh. Calculated risks
Research uncovers individual risk for lung cancer
New Blood Test Uncovers Individual Risk for Lung Cancer

Smokers carrying a newly found genetic marker are 5-10 times more likely to fall victim to the...

Clockwise: Prof. Ehud Shapiro, Prof. Zvi Livneh, Dr. Tamar Paz-Elizur, Ph. D. student Yaakov Benenson and Dr. Rivka Adar. Guinness World Record

DNA is not only the "software" of the world's smallest computing device, it's also the fuel

illustration: Trillion Computers in one drop

Trillions of microscopic biological computers vigilantly patrolling your body in search of disease? Welcome to the brave new world of computer...

Prof. Zvi Livneh with Mikhal (23) Yoav (20), Amir (10), and Maya (1)

Prof. Zvi Livneh of the Weizmann Institute's Biological Chemistry Department has discovered a newly unveiled group of enzymes...