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Electron microscopy

Ants and circuits

The physics of the attraction between two mirrors in a vacuum may lead to “lubrication” for electronic circuits 

 The first electron microscope (Saul, RCA – EMU - 2A). (l-r) John Fany, Prof. David Danon and Dr. Yehuda Marikovsky, 1956

The story of the first electron microscope at the Institute

Prof. Michael Elbaum and Dr. Sharon Grayer Wolf

Hazy microscope images get clearer with a “flashlight” approach

Scanning electron microscope images of guanine plates from a silver spider. Arrow on top points to sandwich-like structure with amorphous guanine filling between two guanine crystals
A normally dull white material becomes a silvery reflecting surface under the right conditions
Prof. Zeev Vager
Prof. Zeev Vager and his Weizmann colleagues developed innovative radiation detectors based on...
Wet Scans

Encapsulating delicate biological samples in a special polymer enables them to be seen under an electron microscope in their natural state

Israeli Scientists Reveal the Plan of a Key Cellular Machine

The new study gives scientists insight into how the DNA code is turned into instructions for protein construction...

 Survival of the Neatest
Stress makes some proteins get themselves in order