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Genetic disease

Elevation of RIP3 in nuclei of neurons from neuronopathic Gaucher (red; arrows) disease mice

Weizmann Institute findings may point the way to a treatment for a devastating childhood disease


Where Lab and Clinic Meet- Dr. Ayelet Erez Work

Dr. Ayelet Erez finds that clinical work and lab research are a powerful combination

Prof. Jeffrey Gerst and Rachel Kama

When the CLN3 gene is mutated, molecular traffic patterns are disrupted in the neurons.

Colony of mouse embryonic stem cells, stained blue and green

Dr. Jacob Hanna is revealing the secrets of stem cells, including their potential to treat disease

A Transplant in Time

Weizmann Institute Scientists demonstrate how tissues transplanted from pig embryos might, in the future, present a...

Scientists Identify A Gene Causing A Fatal Heart Condition, Common In An Israeli Bedouin Tribe
A team of researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Sheba Medical Center has identified a gene causing...
Gene For Mucolipidosis IV Discovered

Israeli Research Team Discovers The Gene For An Hereditary Disorder Occurring Most Commonly In Ashkenazi Jews...

Scientists Brainstorm to Find Cure for Tourette Syndrome
REHOVOT, Israel -- July 10, 1996 -- An intensive effort to shed light on Tourette syndrome -- the...
Ayelet Erez

A lack of the protein citrin slows children's growth; blocking it in cancer slows tumor growth

Starving yeast cells