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Gilad Haran

Prof. Gilad Haran

Prof. Gilad Haran is the recipient of a Physical Chemistry Division Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry from the American Chemical Society...

(l-r) Hisham Mazal, Dr. Inbal Riven, Prof. Gilad Haran, Menahem Pirchi and Yoav Barak

An ultrahigh time-resolution study of biological machinery reveals never-before-seen details of molecular dynamics


Prof. Gilad Haran


A bowtie-shaped nanoparticle

Bowtie-shaped nanostructures may advance the development of quantum devices

Prof. Gilad Haran

Prof. Gilad Haran has been appointed Dean of the Chemistry Faculty and Director of the Ilse Katz Institute for Material Sciences and Magnetic...

Experiments revealed multiple possible “paths” through a protein’s folding landscape

How does a protein fold? Institute scientists count the ways

Structure of GroEL, a barrel-shaped molecular machine found in bacterial cells that helps proteins fold; from the lab of Profs. Gilad Haran and Amnon Horowitz


The role of solitary molecules in electronics is likely to grow as the size of components continues to shrink...

Illustration:  increasing water consumption

Weizmann Institute researchers are developing scientific approaches to efficient and sophisticated water management....

Illustration: Biologists and miniaturized humans

Having devised nanomachines capable of manipulating single atoms and molecules and begun to apply these technofeats to modify...

First Glimpses of Folding Proteins

A new technique for following a single protein molecule reveals individual styles in folding