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Decades-Old Mystery of Red Blood Cell Production Finally Solved

Identifying the cells producing the hormone EPO may lead to the development of new therapies for treating anemia resulting from kidney disease and...

Seasons of Our Hormones

Millions of blood samples from Israel’s population reveal hormone swings over the course of the year

Chen lab mouse adrenals exhibit stress

Uncovering the activities of the organs, tissues and cells responsible for the body’s stress response as they’ve never before been seen revealed...

Abraham Amsterdam

Scientific discovery and playing music went hand-in-hand for this researcher

Gil Levkowitz

Some hormones are kept in special nodes for quick release. New research reveals how one hormone is restocked and stored

social fish

Fish with two genes for a crucial protein are helping researchers understand its function in neurodevelopmental disorders

what determines how big a plant will grow

Most of the many factors for determining leaf size turn out to put on the brakes, rather than promote growth

Cover illustration: the zebrafish stress response

A unique ON-OFF switch in the brain controls a main stress hormone

Neuron cover

Both parts of the mechanism – ON and OFF receptors – are encoded in the same gene.

Three-dimensional structure of the neurohypophysis in a zebrafish embryo (the nerve fibers and blood vessels are genetically tagged with fluorescent proteins). This brain area provides an interface between nerve cells (green), arteries (purple) and veins (red)
A surprising new function is discovered for the “hormone of love.”