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Mouse islet of Langerhans; insulin-containing vesicles within beta cells are shown in white

Cells in the pancreas take on unusual shapes in order to carry out their vital work


Prof. Irun Cohen, DiaPep 227 developer

Initial results show higher pancreas function after two years of treatment

(l-r) Standing: Sharon Kredo, Dr. Tali Melkman Zehavi, Roni Oren. Sitting: Dr. Eran Hornstein, Natali Rivkin, Amitai Mandelbaum

A newly discovered step in insulin production could give researchers new tools to deal with diabetes

Successful Transplantation from Pig Embryos to Mice
Millions of diabetics face a lifetime of daily injections to replace the insulin their bodies fail to produce, as well as a host of...
The Fat Connection

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science and in Sweden discover how excess body fat can lead to the onset of...


Recent data show that roughly 220 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. In 2005, an estimated 1.1 million people died...

Israeli Scientists Block the Progression of Type I Diabetes
A team of researchers led by Prof. Irun Cohen of the Weizmann Institute of Science has developed a unique approach for halting the...