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Michael Elbaum

colorful circles

Some crystals do not come together as predicted. New research explains why

micro crystals

These materials can bring us one step closer to a sustainable future

Prof. Michael Elbaum and Dr. Sharon Grayer Wolf

Hazy microscope images get clearer with a “flashlight” approach

Scanning electron microscope image of a sea urchin spine undergoing repair after breakage.


Scientists look to biology to learn how living organisms create the amazing variety of forms and substances...

A Long and Winding Road

Nerve cell need long-distance messengers to carry calls for help following injury

Illustration: Biologists and miniaturized humans

Having devised nanomachines capable of manipulating single atoms and molecules and begun to apply these technofeats to modify...

Dr. Michael Elbaum

Dr. Michael Elbaum of the Weizmann Institute’s Material and Interfaces Department studies the passage of molecules through the  cell’s...

Cell Peer Pressure
Tell me who a cell's neighbors are, and I'll tell you how it looks and behaves