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Molecular Cell Biology

Drawing from the Same Deck

The secrets of heart regeneration in chronic heart failure demonstrated in mice 

Travel Ban on Immune Cells Could Prevent Sepsis

Lactate, thought to be a byproduct of cell respiration, plays a central role in the potentially lethal immune reaction 

Potential Heart-Repair Protein Advances to a New Stage

Pre-clinical studies suggest a protein, Agrin, could limit scarring and promote natural repair mechanisms after a heart attack

endocrine glands

A new model of autoimmune disease may solve some great outstanding riddles, including what causes T cells to attack and why only certain organs...

number two and number five

Weizmann Institute scientists present a mathematical model for an exit strategy: how to restart the economy after the crisis

Gush Dan neighborhoods

A method of predicting the coronavirus spread, pioneered and developed by Weizmann Institute scientists, may enable the authorities to focus...

heat scarring

The small molecule reduces damaging inflammation and improves heart function in mouse models of heart attack