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Structural Biology

Human (left), Dunaliella (center) and mouse (right) enzymes

Dead Sea bacteria and kidneys share an enzyme structure for salt tolerance

Living with Salt
Scientists link algae salt tolerance to human kidney function.

Life thrives in all...
How the Sea Urchin Grows New Spines

A study revealing the secrets of a natural engineering marvel could help in the design of new materials

Catching a Sneak

Weizmann Institute Scientists reveal the shape of a protein that helps retroviruses break into cells

How the Sea Urchin Grows New Spines

A team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown how sea urchins grow new spines.

Live Footage of Enzymes

Biological molecules are now being featured on "reality TV" in the lab of Prof. Irit Sagi

New method tracking single atoms may lead to improved drug design
Prof. Irit Sagi and her team are using new and innovative methods developed at the Weizmann Institute to see real time “video...
Deciphering Gaucher's Disease

New finding may lead to more effective – and affordable – treatments

X-Rays Yield Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Drug

A study of an Alzheimer's drug's activity reveals why lower doses might be just as effective

X-Rays Yield Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Drug
A team of Weizmann scientists has gained new insight into the effects of a newly approved drug, rivastigmine, in...