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Structural Biology

Prof. Lia Addadi

Prof. Lia Addadi was re-elected to serve a further term as Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School and Head of the Aharon Katzir-Katchalski Center...

Prof. Abraham Minsky

Prof. Abraham Minsky was appointed Head of the Structural Biology Department and Head of the Joseph and Ceil Mazer Center for Structural Biology...

Scanning electron microscope images of guanine plates from a silver spider. Arrow on top points to sandwich-like structure with amorphous guanine filling between two guanine crystals
A normally dull white material becomes a silvery reflecting surface under the right conditions
(l-r) Profs. Stephen Weiner and Lia Addadi and Julia Mahamid. Like shell, like bone
Scientists reveal a fleeting stage of bone formation
 Illustration: Surfing on the DNA
Dr. Koby Levy finds that when it comes to protein stability, cause and effect are not always what they seem
Structural model of an MMP-9 enzyme
The Achille's heel of an enzyme involved in cancer metastasis is revealed
Prof. Osnat Herzberg
An Institute alumna returns on sabbatical
A(l-r) Prof. Irit Sagi, Barak Akabayov and Ariel Solomon.
A technique for observing rapid enzyme movements in real time may help in developing better drugs