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Structural Biology

Prof. Ada Yonath.

Uncovering the exact modes of action of five different antibiotics may help the design of better drugs in the future

Prof. Joel Sussman, Prof. Ephraim Katzir, Prof. Sara Fuchs, Prof. Mati Fridkin. Top: Dr. Michal Harel, Dr. Moshe Balass, Dr. Tali Scherf, Dr. Roni Kasher

Catching a snake toxin in the act may yield a host of medical applications

Prof. Jacob Anglister.

Atomic-level NMR studies are helping reveal how HIV infects immune cells

Scientists Uncover The Exact Mode Of Action Of Five Antibiotic Drugs
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Germany's Max-Planck Society have discovered how five antibiotic drugs...
Brittlestar is sensitive to changes in light

Weizmann Institute scientists discover that the brittlestar, long thought to be sightless, is all eyes

Brittlestars Use Crystal Lenses To Spot Approaching Predator
Brittlestars of the species Ophiocoma wendtii form crystal lenses in their skeletons that allow them to spot...
Prof. Amnon Horovitz and Dr. Gilad Haran (left to right).

The next big challenge: understanding how proteins fold

 Dr. Gitay Kryger, Prof. Israel Silmam, and Prof. Joel Sussman

Scientists attempting to catch an enzyme in action got unique 3-D footage of radiation damage, instead

Prof. Ada Yonath.

Key progress by Weizmann Institute scientists in the race to unravel the ribosome's structure