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T cell

Prof. Yardena Samuels

Off-the-shelf therapies to be developed for entire groups of patients

Fellows in the group of Prof. Ido Amit

An advanced method for investigating the activity of single cells could lead to better immunotherapy drugs

T cells attacking melanoma cells

A new approach to identifying “signposts” on cancer cells may help immune cells eliminate the disease 

cell cultures grown at different densities

When helper T cells get together, they plan an immune strategy for the long and the short term 

T cell and B cell with ICAMs

How low-affinity antibodies can still win in an immune system competition

Prof. Zelig Eshhar

Pools of donor immune cells could reduce the cost and expand the...

(l-r) bottom: Tamar Gross, Prof. Lea Eisenbach, Dr. Esther Tzehoval and Zoya Alteber; middle row: David Bassan and Adi Sharbi-Yunger; top row: Lior Roitman, Mareike Grees and Adam Solomon

New strategies might help the immune system outwit cancer cells

Paradox Alice in Wonderland

Why do biological systems use the same signaling molecule for opposite purposes?

Prof. Zelig Eshhar. New approach to fighting cancer

Pools of donor immune cells could reduce the cost and expand the applications of an experimental cancer treatment.

Universal Donor Immune Cells

An approach developed at the Weizmann Institute could make a cancer therapy cheaper and more effective