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Ziv Reich

Dr. Efi Efrati and Dr. Luiz Da Silva

Biological organelles may be messy and crowded, but sometimes only an exact mathematical description will do 

Plant Microbiome Project Connects Students to Real-Time Research

High school students are out in the field, expanding our knowledge of an invisible ecosystem

Ozeri, Reich, Chen, Sagi and Harmelin

Institute President, Prof. Alon Chen: “Our alumni provide the foundations of Israel’s booming economy.”

From Efrati and Reich

Five papers in one week published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlight Weizmann Institute research

Dr. Tamar Paz-Elizur

Dr. Paz-Elizur invites us to look anew at the world of science

Work of art: A portion of a plant cell

A stunning scientific image reveals how plants cope with sudden changes in light intensity

The Insomniac City Cycles | Ran Slavin. Still from film, 2004-2009
On the molecular scale, plants are in constant motion as they adapt to a changing environment
Dr. Ziv Reich.

"Incognito" genes could open the door to a wide range of therapies