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multiple myeloma drug resistant cells

From bedside to bench and back: Researchers reveal a genetic signature that could help overcome drug resistance in some of the most aggressive...

How Cancers Hurt Themselves to Hurt Immune Cells More

A study of melanoma cells explains a puzzling response they exhibit to ward off T cell attacks

cells that remember their identity

Cancer cells turn out to have memories. But these are unreliable and can end up causing trouble

immune cells in cancer

A possible cause for cancer resistance to immunotherapy could be reversed

Tissue sample from triple-negative breast cancer, stained for the presence of cancer cells (red) and the two types of cancer-associated fibroblasts: pCAFs (magenta) and sCAFs (green). The nuclei of all cells are stained blue

Supporting actors in cancer growth may help predict the course of the disease

eradicating cancer

A study in mice showed that reducing a particular hormone signal keeps the cancer from growing and spreading