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Cancer genetics

(l-r) Gilad Landan, Dr. Amos Tanay and Rami Jaschek. New targets for treatment
Cancer-enhancing DNA may reside in a surprising part of the genome
(l-r) Dr. Perry Stambolsky and Profs. Varda Rotter and Moshe Oren
Weizmann scientists celebrate three decades of research into the p53 tumor supressor research
Dr. Eran Segal. Finding a common theme

A new computer program enables scientists to pinpoint a cancer-causing gene

Activity of 400 genes following exposure to a growth signal over time. Red indicates hightened gene activity
Tracing the activities of hundreds of genes reveals a cancer-prevention system...
Genetic Risk Factor

Weizmann Institute scientists discover a genetic risk factor for smoking-linked head and neck cancer

Prof. Adi Kimchi

Weizmann scientists reveal a gene for activating a suicide program in cells that are on their way to becoming cancerous

Left to right: Shirley Barda, Prof. Eytan Domany, Gad Getz, Erel Levine

An algorithm that clusters similar data into sets may help make sense of mountains of experimental genetic data

Death of a Protein
A protein recycling system can also break down some that protect us from cancer
Mechanism Involved in Causing Colon Cancer Discovered at the Weizmann Institute
REHOVOT, Israel -- May 11, 1999 -- Weizmann Institute researchers have discovered a molecular...