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Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Prof. Edriss Titi. Unbroken solutions

An Institute mathematician tackles a long-standing problem

Prof. Tamar Flash. Calculated move
An octopus arm may trade freedom for efficiency
Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar. Stability in chaos
Where can chaos coexist with islands of stability?
Dr. Omer Reingold. Memory saver
Why should a computer scientist care about mazes?
Prof. Ehud Shapiro

The World Technology Award for Biotechnology was given to the Israeli scientist for innovations in biological...

(l-r) Uri Ben-Dor, Prof. Ehud Shapiro, Yaakov Benenson, Dr. Rivka Adar and Binyamin Gil. Doctor-in-a-cell
Tiny DNA computing devices have been programmed to find signs of cancer in a test tube...
Prof. David Harel, graduate student Sol Efroni and Prof. Irun Cohen. Survival of the fittest

Of every hundred "cadet" blood stem cells, only a select few complete the immune system’s rigorous training

Biological Computer Diagnoses Cancer and Produces the Drug -- in a Test Tube
Weizmann Institute scientist’s vision: Microscopic computers will function inside living tissues, performing...
Prof. Shafrira Goldwasser
Prof. Shafrira Goldwasser of the Weizmann Institute's Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics has been awarded the...
Clockwise: Prof. Ehud Shapiro, Prof. Zvi Livneh, Dr. Tamar Paz-Elizur, Ph. D. student Yaakov Benenson and Dr. Rivka Adar. Guinness World Record

DNA is not only the "software" of the world's smallest computing device, it's also the fuel