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Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

eating right

A unique experiment explores the connection between the food we eat and our gut microbiota

Dr. Yaron Lipman

Dr. Yaron Lipman is getting computers to understand 3-D

Pre-leukemic stem cells (top) with both mutated and healthy copies of the RUNX1 gene already display some of the characteristics of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). When the non-mutated copy of the gene is inactivated, disruptions in the spindle-assembly-checkpoint phase of cell division trigger cell death

Weizmann Institute researchers discover that a “standoff” between a mutated gene and its normal counterpart keeps certain cancer cells alive...

Dr. Jasmin Fisher

Dr. Jasmin Fisher’s computer models reveal how cells make decisions

(l-r) Dr. Tuval Ben Yehezkel, Prof. Ehud Shapiro and Tamir Biezuner

Programmable devices made of biological molecules can identify exact DNA sequences in living cells

NOR logic gate. If two transcriptionfactors are missing, green light is emitted

A biological device made of DNA inserted into a bacterial cell works like a...

cell and numbers. Image: Thinkstock

The study explains why certain patients develop severe infections after chemotherapy and points to ways of averting this side-effect

rewriting DNA illustration

New Weizmann Institute technology speeds up DNA “rewriting” and measures the effects of the changes in living cells