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Eitan Reuveny

cone snail and prey

A newly discovered mechanism may lead to better potassium- blocking drugs and improved natural pesticides

Prof. Eitan Reuveny

Prof. Eitan Reuveny was appointed as Head of the Department of Biological Chemistry

(l-r) Ido Kaminsky, Prof. Eitan Reuveny, Ruth Meller, Raz Palty and Dr. Adi Raveh. Steady supply

What keeps a cellular “warehouse” from overfilling?

(l-r) Prof. Eitan Reuveny, Ayelet Cooper, Liora Guy-David and Dr. Adi Raveh. Gear shift

A mechanism for closing a nerve cell’s channels can instantly shift from slow gear to slamming the door shut

Complex Channels
Weizmann Institute scientists discover how ion channels are organized to effectively control nerve cell communication...
At the Weizmann Institute
Long dedicated to battling diabetes, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science are studying all aspects of this...
Prof. Eitan Reuveny. Cell talk

How do cells open and close their communication channels? What makes life electric?