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signs of inflammation in the brain

New research explains the link between Parkinson’s disease and a rare inherited disorder

Activity of a glucose-manufacturing gene in mouse liver tissue, viewed under a fluorescence microscope. A high concentration of mRNA (red dots) reveals that this activity is highest near a blood vessel (PP) that bathes the tissue in oxygen-rich blood, essential for glucose manufacture

Fits and spurts of gene expression help the liver cope with change

Gene Decoding Obeys Road Traffic Rules

Keeping a proper distance between "vehicles" along a gene "track" results in more efficient production of small RNA molecules

Bacterial Booby Traps Revealed

Toxin-antitoxin gene pairs make a quick suicide mechanism for bacteria facing viral invasion

Cell on a Chip Reveals Protein Behavior

In the future, artificial cells may produce complex protein structures on...

Inherited expression levels of the resistance gene (green) and the native gene (red), shown in the stomachs of unchallenged larva (left), challenged larva (center) and unchallenged larval offspring of challenged larvae, eight generations later (right)

Can a genetic response to a short-term threat be inherited over the long term?

Unraveling Batten Disease

Experiments with a yeast gene reveal what goes wrong in a degenerative childhood disease. 

(l-r) Dan Bracha, Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv, Dr. Shirley Daube and Dr. Amnon Buxboim. Close quarters Wall-free compartments might keep gene activities in order
Genes may work best in closely-packed, open compartments
Backups for the Gene Team
Weizmann Institute Scientists discover how substitutions are made for injured genes