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Ilya Averbukh

Kinetic energy distribution of molecular fragments

Measuring echoes of quantum states in a single molecule gives researchers new insight into a unique phenomenon

separating chiral molecules illustration

Using lasers to separate chiral molecules had been predicted - but never before demonstrated

SO2 molecules line up

A new method for aligning molecules could advance the field of x-ray crystallography

spinning molecules heat up

Spinning molecules form a microscopic "centrifuge"

spinning illustration

Spinning molecular gas vortices might have a number of practical applications

Systems | Molly Surno. Still from a video, print on anodized aluminum, 30x40, 2011
Quick laser pulses are the key to turning molecules into tiny “Frisbees” aimed at a target
Prof. Ilya Averbukh and Erez Gershnabel. Putting a spin on things

Spinning molecules could open the door to all kinds of new optical and nanotechnology applications

Science Without Frontiers: A Light on Tomorrow's Technology

Chemists from widely varied fields are pooling their knowledge to create new kinds of light-based information storage

New Method for the Separation of Isotopes

First Practical Application of a Textbook Concept Bridging the Gap Between...