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Musculoskeletal system


Weizmann Institute scientists discovered a gene that may cause weight gain in older people, regardless of their diet

How the “Sixth Sense” Shapes the Skeleton

The findings point to a surprising origin for scoliosis and hip dysplasia


 Scoliosis may be linked to problems with our "sixth sense" 

Natural healing process of fractured bones. (A) Healing begins with a collection of blood and inflammation at the fracture site. (B) Soft callus (purple) is formed, which develops into the bidirectional growth plate at the concave side of the fracture site. (C) The growth plate drives bone growth in opposite directions. The result is a jack-like mechanical effect that moves the fragments toward straightening (red arrows). (D) New bone tissue is formed (orange). (E) The shape of the bone is fine-tuned by rem

Movement might actually help heal fractures in young bones

How Tendons Shape Developing Bones
Bones, muscles and tendons work together to provide the perfect balance between stability and movement in the...
Mouse embryo skeleton showing sites of initial bone formation (stained red) and cartilage (green and blue), which will later be replaced by bone
Do developing organs give each other directions?