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Maskit Golan, "Isolation and staring at the horizon during COVID-19"

Using comprehensive digital questionnaires, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers map out the impact that COVID-19 has had on the levels...

Inhibitory mouse neurons – viewed under a microscope

A study of lab-grown neurons reveals a new regulatory mechanism for keeping the On-Off switches in our brain in balance

Chen lab mouse adrenals exhibit stress

Uncovering the activities of the organs, tissues and cells responsible for the body’s stress response as they’ve never before been seen revealed...

A Brain Mechanism underlying “Vision” in the Blind is Revealed

Researchers observed slow spontaneous fluctuations in the brain’s visual centers that preceded visual hallucinations in blind people

The nervous system of the worm

Depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological and psychiatric disorders tend to strike one sex more than the other; and...

illustration: wolves looking ahead and to the side

Uncovering the neural circuits that process "looks" may advance research into anxiety, autism and other impairments in social behavior

A Measure of Smell

Meeting a 100-year-old challenge could lead the way to digital aromas

Butterflies in the Brain

Structures that emerge from neural responses may be basic “units” of organization

Creativity Emerges from Spontaneous Neural Activity

Creative ideas are linked to resting fluctuations that begin as a kind of noise

Getty images

“Prediction errors” in learning occurring near the “time circuits” in our brain alter our sense of time