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Protein evolution

Proteins with primitive arginine-based proteins (right) might have been capable of self-assembly and phase separation to create cell-like droplets

An experiment in reconstructing primordial proteins solves a long-standing riddle

disordered protein

Once discarded from studies, disordered segments are now understood to have important roles to play in the cell


Mapping where these errors occur was a feat they said couldn't be done. It turns out many are not random

p loops

Proto-enzymes designed in the lab bound strongly to RNA and DNA, suggesting a surprising origin for these proteins

Designed and experimental antibody

Including “non-ideal” components in the designs may be key to functional artificial proteins  

protein repair shop

A “one-stop,” computer-design “shop” for stabilizing problematic proteins

Weizmann Institute Scientists used Accelerated Evolution to Develop: Enzymes that Provide Protection Against Nerve Gas
Protection against nerve gas attack is a significant component of the defense system of many countries around the world....
Three-dimensional structure of an enzyme, serum paraoxonase (PON1), which has been mutated in the lab of Prof. Dan Tawfik through directed evolution to endow the enzyme with new functions

From solving the structure of crystallized proteins to creating computer simulations of protein dynamics, Institute scientists...

Prof. Dan Tawfik. Saving mutations
Protein "babysitters" could speed up evolution in the lab