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cover: shining a light on the molecular fingerprint

Made of a single molecule, the tiny artificial sensor might be able to “smell out” disease within living cells

Muscle fibers of a fruit fly larva viewed under a confocal microscope: A normal fiber has normally-shaped, properly distributed nuclei (A), whereas the nuclei of fibers with mutated MSP-300 or its interacting proteins Klar and Klaroid are distorted and distributed abnormally (B, C and D)

Why do muscles lose their strength without exercise?

Use It or Lose It

Why do muscles lose their strength without exercise?

Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv and Dr. Lior Nissim. Identifying cancer

A new genetic sensor kills only the malignant cancer cells in a test tube.

Biosensor makes the plant glow (right) when thiamin levels drop
A unique RNA switch in plants was engineered to show vitamin levels
Sensing Trouble

A mini-sensor on a chip could detect everything from asthma to explosives

A Better Water Test
Water is essential for life. Nevertheless, even small amounts of water in the wrong places – fuels, lubricants, or organic solvents...
Biological Sensors Devised by Institute Scientists

A new, highly sensitive biosensor may detect drugs or explosives