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Uri Alon

Young Female Leaders in Science Workshop: Prof. Daniella Goldfarb is seated, left. Dr. Yifat Merbl, standing, left, who recently joined the Weizmann Institute's Immunology Department, helped lead the workshop

From building confidence to conflict resolution: Young women prepare to take on the world of science

Paradox Alice in Wonderland

Why do biological systems use the same signaling molecule for opposite purposes?

(l-r) Drs. Harry and BenjaminTowbin and Nora

Drs. Harry Towbin and Benjamin Towbin talk about what drew them to the Weizmann Institute

Prof. Uri Alon

Prof. Uri Alon is the recipient of the HFSP (Human Frontier Science Program) Nakasone Award

How Cancer Cells Survive a Chemotherapy Drug
What separates the few cancer cells that survive chemotherapy – leaving the door open to recurrence – from those that don’t?...
Switching Goals

A computer simulation shows how evolution may have speeded up

Activity of 400 genes following exposure to a growth signal over time. Red indicates hightened gene activity
Tracing the activities of hundreds of genes reveals a cancer-prevention system...
Genes that slows cell division

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover: A Group of Genes that Slows Cell Division and Prevents Cancer