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Prof. Sarel Fleishman. His research has already led to the design of a potential malaria vaccine, and he is now concentrating his efforts on the coronavirus

Weizmann Institute scientists have developed a research platform for designing tiny antibodies that can halt the virus infection process

T cell and B cell with ICAMs

How low-affinity antibodies can still win in an immune system competition

Designed and experimental antibody

Including “non-ideal” components in the designs may be key to functional artificial proteins  

Mutations Trump Invasion

The process of HIV infection is just one of the subjects protein researcher Dr. Ron Diskin is investigating in his new lab

Two are Better than One
Right combination of customized antibodies may destroy cancer cell's communication network
Prof. Jacob Anglister.

Atomic-level NMR studies are helping reveal how HIV infects immune cells

How the Nose Knows
Whether sniffing flowers, fresh-baked bread or the fumes of a passing automobile, the human olfactory system is an...
Antibodies Know Right From Left
Knowing right from left is essential in many areas of life - even on the molecular level. Prof....