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Avri Ben-Ze’ev

Normal human colonic crypts. SMOC-2 expression (red) in the colonic stem cells demonstrates that these cells are localized in the bottoms of the crypts. Bars represent 100 micrometers (left) and 50 micrometers (right)

Some tumor cells in the advanced stages of colorectal cancer adopt a...

Without the c-Kit gene, colon cancer cells grow in a disorderly, aggregated manner and are invasive (A); when c-Kit expression is restored in these cells, they revert to a more normal organization (B)

A cancer-causing gene can prevent the deadly spread of a tumor at a later point in malignancy

Prof. Yosef Yarden and Sara Lavi.
A tiny diiference between two proteins gives researchers a clue to cancer metastasis...
A Gene for Metastasis
Scientists pinpoint an important player in colorectal cancer spread
A New

Research answers question: Why do nerve cell bundles “camp” near the invasive front of colon cancer tumors?


Prof. Avri Ben-Ze’ev. Silence of the genes

A protein that signals cells to stick together might help prevent, and even reverse, metastasis

Metastasis of Colon Cancer Cells Reversed In Vitro
Weizmann Institute scientists have succeeded in reversing the metastatic properties of colon...
Newly Uncovered Genes
Two newly-discovered genes could help scientists understand how cancer progresses and the genetic basis of anemia
Careful actin regulation keeps the cell in shape

How an essential cellular protein regulates its own levels