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Bacterial diseases

Antibiotic Resistance - Dr. Nitai Steinberg

An animated video on the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by Weizmann Institute Alumni Dr. Nitai Steinberg won Student Prize...

macrophage and bacteria

An algorithm that predicts the immune response to a pathogen could lead to early diagnosis for such diseases as tuberculosis

cell and numbers. Image: Thinkstock

The study explains why certain patients develop severe infections after chemotherapy and points to ways of averting this side-effect

Electron micrograph of bacteriophages Image: Dr Graham Beards, Wikimedia Commons

The beneficial bacteria in our guts are open to attack from viruses

New 'Bacteria Bashers' Wipe Out Infection
It used to be that antibiotics could be trusted to rid the body of a host of bacterial diseases. Today, however, emerging...
Dr. Naomi Balaban

Dr. Naomi Balaban proposes fighting bacteria with disinformation

High-Level Biosafety Laboratory Established

A new biohazard lab will provide a safe research environment to researchers, hospitals and biomedical companies