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Chemical and Biological Physics

SO2 molecules line up

A new method for aligning molecules could advance the field of x-ray crystallography

moving cells

A model of collective movement that makes some members more ready to move than others helps explain how cells migrate in the body

stretched blood vessels

Scientists from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and the Weizmann Institute of Science reveal the mechanical forces that influence...

noise, illustration

A new type of noise identified at the Weizmann Institute of Science may advance the study of heat transport in nanoscale systems and the design of...

illustration: atom-photon exchange

A quantum gate between atoms and photons may help in scaling up quantum computers

spin up, spin down

Sorting out right- and left-handed molecules magnetically could improve industrial processes

(l-r) Hisham Mazal, Dr. Inbal Riven, Prof. Gilad Haran, Menahem Pirchi and Yoav Barak

An ultrahigh time-resolution study of biological machinery reveals never-before-seen details of molecular dynamics


Zoomed-in xSPEN diffusion data arising from a human frontal lobe (dashed square regions) containing the optic nerve indicated by the yellow arrows

A new MRI method developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science improves our ability to study the brain and other non-homogeneous tissues

Sadi Carnot

New research upholds an old principle of thermodynamics