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Menachem Rubinstein

Dr. Daniela Novick

A drug based on work done at the Weizmann Institute of Science saves the life of a girl  

Cultured colorectal cancer cells. Top: Cells that have become resistant to certain forms of chemotherapy and continue to thrive. Bottom: The same cells, which have had the LIP gene inserted and are then treated with chemotherapy drugs

What makes cancer cells survive chemotherapy?

Human cells light up with green fluorescent markers after being penetrated by a genetically engineered virus coated with the VSV envelope protein

How does a helpful virus often used for gene therapy break into cells?

Danit and Einat Finkelshtein

Some sets of twins even study science together. 

Prof. Menachem Rubinstein

Prof. Menachem Rubinstein was elected Chair of the Weizmann Institute’s Scientific Council.

Judith Chebath, Prof. Michel Revel, Prof. Menachem Rubinstein and Dr. Daniela Novick
Interferon-based drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry, used for treatment of viral diseases such as hepatitis, some...
Doubly Safe Activation
A team of Weizmann Institute scientists show that the immune system employs “dual key” activation to launch a potent...
At the Weizmann Institute
Long dedicated to battling diabetes, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science are studying all aspects of this...
(l-r) Dr. Alexander Vaskevich, Prof. Israel Rubinstein and Ph.D. student Tali Sehayek. Tube tales

Move over carbon. These new nanotubes are made of gold, silver and other metals