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Protein design

An illustration showing four modular enzyme fragments (highlighted) that Weizmann Institute’s CADENZ method can combine to generate active enzymes at a hitherto unseen rate

In a major step toward greener industry, Weizmann Institute scientists create a computational method for generating enzymes with unprecedented...

Dr. Shiran Barber-Zucker and Prof. Sarel Fleishman. Protein Goldmine

Forget crystals. AI gives Weizmann’s algorithms the means to design biomolecules with a huge range of valuable functions

Evolved to Stop Bacteria, Designed for Stability

New proteins, created through long-distance collaboration, might lead to the reversal of antibiotic resistance in certain bacteria 

Fleishman and group

A computational method for designing dramatically more efficient versions of enzymes may lead to new avenues of drug design and new treatments...

Designed and experimental antibody

Including “non-ideal” components in the designs may be key to functional artificial proteins  


Self-assembling protein complexes based on a single mutation could provide scaffolding for nanostructures

protein repair shop

A “one-stop,” computer-design “shop” for stabilizing problematic proteins