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Sarel Fleishman

p loops

Proto-enzymes designed in the lab bound strongly to RNA and DNA, suggesting a surprising origin for these proteins

Medicinal Chemistry

The Institute will fund innovative research on compounds that hold promise for becoming therapies for a range of human diseases and...

Fleishman and group

A computational method for designing dramatically more efficient versions of enzymes may lead to new avenues of drug design and new treatments...

Dr. Sarel Fleishman

Dr. Sarel Fleishman is the recipient of a Morris L. Levinson Prize in Biology awarded by the Scientific Council

Designed and experimental antibody

Including “non-ideal” components in the designs may be key to functional artificial proteins  

protein repair shop

A “one-stop,” computer-design “shop” for stabilizing problematic proteins

Dr. Sarel Fleishman

What is the basic plan for the proteins that connect the inside of a cell to the outside?