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Cancer cell

Cell Diversity May Explain Why a Brain Cancer Is Hard to Treat

When cells change their identities, they may elude therapies 

Fluorescently labeled actin in a cell exhibiting circular ruffled membrane structures

A new model for the formation of crucial membrane structures revises the picture of cell dynamics 

A melanoma cancer cell is labeled with invadopodia markers in fluorescence microscopy

How does a cancer cell push its way out of the surrounding tissue?

A metastatic breast cancer cell under a fluorescent microscope.

The discovery of a new breast cancer gene holds hope for treatment

Prof. Ehud Shapiro.

Charting a cell's family tree can shed light on how cancer develops

Prof. David Givol and research student Hilah Gal. Differences in expression
What separates healthy stem cells from cancer stem cells?
Alliin and Alliinase mechanizm: When Alliin encounters the Alliinase, the resulting reaction turns the normally inert alliin molecules into lethal allicin molecules, which penetrate and kill the tumor cells. Due to the precise delivery system, neighboring, healthy cells remain intact.
A new method selectively kills cancer cells, leaves healthy ones intact...
Protein Teamwork Drives Damaged Cells To Self-Destruct
Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have recently deciphered part of the cellular events underlying apoptosis --...
Can the Amplifier Be Turned Off?
The growth of breast cancer and other malignancies is spurred by a molecular "amplifier" that augments signals...