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Cellular communication

Marine creatures

A new tool for mapping cells reveals how complex regulatory systems evolved to help diverse cell types cooperate

Microscope image of a yeast cell showing how close mitochondria (red) are to peroxisomes (blue) and the contact sites that hold them together (green)

Weizmann researchers identify new ties between the parts of a cell: physical connections that are vital for health

Gerst: cellular nanotubes

Researchers reveal how functional genetic instructions are passed from cell to cell

Snd2 was tagged with a green fluorescent protein, and the endoplasmic reticulum was marked with a red fluorescent protein. The overlap between the green and red microscopy signals indicates that the newly discovered Snd2 is a receptor on the endoplasmic reticulum membrane.

A newly discovered “shuttle” for proteins is a “safety net” for vital communication between cells

Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv, Alexandra Tayar and Eyal Karzbrun (l-r) created a lifelike wavefront of information

An array of artificial cells demonstrates the movement of information wavefronts

Mouse islet of Langerhans; insulin-containing vesicles within beta cells are shown in white

Cells in the pancreas take on unusual shapes in order to carry out their vital work


It’s Only a Game of Chance
A leading theory of perception has been called into question by a study at the Weizmann Institute of Science...
Prof. Benjamin Geiger.

A new international project combines nanoscience and mechanics with biology in a new approach to biomedical research