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Inflammatory bowel disease


A new method of characterizing immune cells shed in the stool could facilitate diagnosis and improve treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

Colon extracellular matrix

The findings might help identify those at extra risk of this cancer and develop means of prevention

Cross-section of the inner lining of a human gut adjacent to a cancerous tumor

The findings suggest that boosting signals in certain cells and not in others might even help treat colon cancer 

comparing rice only to normal diet

The reproduction rates of the bacteria in one's gut may be a good indicator of health or disease


 SEM image of the dense microbial ecosystem overlying the 'hilly' gastrointestinal epithelial layer

Our complicated relationship with the microorganisms in our gut has some surprising consequences for our health

A Question of Upbringing

“Bad education” may be at least partly responsible for chronic digestive tract disease

 Prof. David Wallach

The proteins identified by Prof. David Wallach are being used in clinical trials as anti-inflammatory compounds that may control rheumatoid...