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Materials and Interfaces

Dr. Nir Gov. Moving models

Red blood cells must be flexible yet tough. A physics-based model shows how.

Switching to Chemistry
New kind of electrical switch formed from organic molecules could be used in the future in nanoscale...
Water molecules (H20) bind tightly to charges on brushes, acting as molecular ball bearings

Synthetic brushes that mimic the body's natural lubrication may lead to a range of applications

(l-r) Dr. Sidney Cohen, Dr. Iris Visoly-Fisher and Prof. David Cahen. Solar science

Why do defects in certain materials improve their solar-collecting capabilities?

Dr. Roy Bar-Ziv. Gene circuits

The first prototype of an artificial circuit that hooks up genes outside the cell is produced in a Weizmann lab

(l-r) Dr. Alexander Vaskevich, Prof. Israel Rubinstein and Ph.D. student Tali Sehayek. Tube tales

Move over carbon. These new nanotubes are made of gold, silver and other metals

New Type of Nanotube Made of Gold or Silver Created
Weizmann Institute scientists have created a new type of nanotube built of gold, silver and other nanoparticles. The tubes...
Prof. Shimon Reich. Superconductors as age detectors

Turning ancient lead into a superconductor reveals it age

Prof. Shimon Reich.
An Institute discovery moves high-temperature superconductors out of the "copper age"...