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Protein structure

Mutations Trump Invasion

The process of HIV infection is just one of the subjects protein researcher Dr. Ron Diskin is investigating in his new lab

Cabbage looper caterpillar in its native habitiat. Image: David Cappaert, Michigan State University

Moth larva show their potential for producing human proteins

Side Effects
A team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown exactly why a new drug that’s been proven...
Dr. Sarel Fleishman

What is the basic plan for the proteins that connect the inside of a cell to the outside? 

Illustration: Flying elephants in the lab

Dr. Michal Sharon launches protein complexes into the air

The ISPC team: Standing (l-r) Dr. Harry Mark Greenblatt, Dr. Jaime Prilusky, Prof. Yigal Burstein, Prof. Israel Silman, Dr. Tamar Unger, Dr. Orly Dym, Dr. Yoav Peleg and Anat Kats. Middle (l-r) David Mualem, Anna Branzburg-Mualem, ISPC Head Prof. Joel L. Sussman, Prof. Gideon Schreiber, Meital Rubin-Yona and Ada Dantes. Front (l-r) Dr. Shira Albeck, Rani Bravdo, Reut Rotem-Bernehim, Moshe Ben David and Bracha Vakni.

The Israel Structural Proteomics Center deciphers over 40 proteins in five years

Structural model of an MMP-9 enzyme
The Achille's heel of an enzyme involved in cancer metastasis is revealed
Drs. Dan Tawfik and Amir Aharoni. Pondering PON

Why are some people less prone to heart disease or neuronal damage? An elusive protein named PON might be the answer

International Protein Data Bank Enhanced by Computer Browser

Searching for information on protein structures just got a lot easier