synchronized signals in the cortex
A decades-old debate on the way signals create perception is resolved
neuron migration
The proteins help embryonic neurons reach their destination 
Lamarck and Darwin playing chess. Illustration: Maya Shleifer
A new mathematical model demonstrates how “fitness” can emerge within a...
Science on Tap 2017
An influential initiative, creating a new urban culture that has been...
The Prize acknowledges Yarden's life-saving cancer research
Genes that are mostly active in one sex or the other may play a crucial...
Left: normal nerve cells; right cells genetically engineered to neutralize MTCH2. Fluorescent proteins reveal the calcium uptake in the mitochondria of these cells. The genetically engineered cells reveal dramatically less calcium uptake – evidence of the crucial role this gene plays in mitochondria function
Understanding how a gene studied in one lab affects the basic element...
degraded collagen
A series of studies has shown that the connective tissue surrounding our...
algal bloom from space
How do algal blooms spread in areas where nutrients are scarce? 
Weizmann and Neuberg
Weizmann and Neuberg, friends on two sides of a conflict
Dr. Ditsa Levanon
Discovering the workings of our “sixth sense” 
Children try out the Israeli exhibit
A European science project ends, but its lessons live on
An entire mouse brain viewed from above: Neuronal extensions connect the two amygdalas
Weakening communication between two parts of the brain in mice reduced...

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