Left: normal nerve cells; right cells genetically engineered to neutralize MTCH2. Fluorescent proteins reveal the calcium uptake in the mitochondria of these cells. The genetically engineered cells reveal dramatically less calcium uptake – evidence of the crucial role this gene plays in mitochondria function
Understanding how a gene studied in one lab affects the basic element...
degraded collagen
A series of studies has shown that the connective tissue surrounding our...
algal bloom from space
How do algal blooms spread in areas where nutrients are scarce? 
Proving a 20-year-old theory, scientists show that imaginary particles...
Weizmann and Neuberg
Weizmann and Neuberg, friends on two sides of a conflict
Dr. Ditsa Levanon
Discovering the workings of our “sixth sense” 
stopwatch 0000
New theoretical research yields surprising conclusions about quantum...
Children try out the Israeli exhibit
A European science project ends, but its lessons live on
An entire mouse brain viewed from above: Neuronal extensions connect the two amygdalas
Weakening communication between two parts of the brain in mice reduced...

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