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Scientists discover a connection between the development of age-related macular degeneration and the intestinal microbiome
Scientists discover a connection between the development of age-...
Recently uncovered remains of a massive stone tower built to guard Gihon Spring – a vital water supply just downhill from the ancient city of Jerusalem
Ultra-precise dating takes nearly 1,000 years off its age
Bread and Health: A Personal Matter
A new study reveals that there is no difference between the health effects...
Agrin repairs heart tissue
Administering “young matrix” molecules to damaged mouse hearts led to...
neuron migration
The proteins help embryonic neurons reach their destination 
Lamarck and Darwin playing chess. Illustration: Maya Shleifer
A new mathematical model demonstrates how “fitness” can emerge within a...
degraded collagen
A series of studies has shown that the connective tissue surrounding our...

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